Men's Golf Outfit Guide

Preparing your golf outfit can be more of a challenge than you might think. And it can impact your game more than you might think. Dressing poorly for golf is a personal choice – but, if you choose to do so, it’s kind of like showing up for an interview wearing your Saturday sweats. Don’t get me wrong. I love my Saturday sweats. In fact, I’m writing this bit on a Saturday, in my Saturday sweats. But, like all things there is a time and a place. So a little advice before you hit the course so you are ready to go low.  

1.       Dress how you want to play. Golf is a mental battle, and what you wear can give you that extra bit of swagger you need. Look good to get yourself ready to perform your best. Dress like Rickie Fowler, play like Rickie Fowler? Not quite how it works, but hey – every little bit helps. And in golf, mindset is everything.

2.       Know the weather. Weather can make or break your round, especially if you’re not prepared for it. Like the first competitive golf match I ever played. I didn’t know rain gear was a thing, so I had my non-rain proof shoes, pants, shirt, bag, etc. you get the point. By the 9th hole I was a sopping mess on my way to shooting 95. Not a good look -- for my scorecard, my pride, or my outfit. So, lets break the weather into a few categories:

  • 65+ degrees
  • 50-65 degrees
  • 50 degrees and below

65+ degrees

Shirt – Under Armour's Men CoolSwitch Brassie Stripe Polo

Nothing will get you feeling fly like an under armour polo. Comfortable, durable, sweat resistant – and sleeves don’t extend too long. The shirt is a slender fit, but not tight.

Shorts – Fast Vented Shorts from Under Armour

These shorts match the top – grey goes with most shirt options. Take time to zoom in on the fabric, and you will see the shorts are vented offering great breathability on a hotter day.

50 – 65 degrees

You can use the same shirt and most likely the same shorts as 65+ degree category, but another layer on top should help you get through the round.

Half zip – Storm SweaterFleece by Under Armour

50 degrees and below

Now you’re going to want to throw on some pants and have a heavier duty top available to you. It’s going to be chilly out there, and preparation is the key.

Full Zip Jacket – Storm Elements Full Zip from Under Armour

this is a great option for a long golf round in the cold. The jacket is windproof, and can even repel against water if the rain rolls in!


Pants – Coldgear Infrared Match Play Pants from Under Armour

that’s right. I’m sticking with under armour all the way through – these pants have a soft inner coating to keep the heat in and a protective outer layer with UA storm technology that repels water.


Cold Weather Gloves – Wintersof Pair by Footjoy

Your hands are a key to the golf game – and when it’s cold, you start to lose some of your feel. These warm weather gloves are some of the best, from one of the best golf brands on the market. The extended cuff helps to protect your hands by keeping the cold out, while the grip ensures you can hang onto the club. Truly a must when you have rough conditions.  


Hat – Pom Pom Winter Hat from Titleist

Classic design from a classic brand. This will keep your head and ears warm, while sporting some style out on the course.